Fan Theory EP

by Mark Dago



Lyrics, Words & Vocals By Mark Dago

All songs produced By Lord British (except where noted)* & **

Recorded and Mastered by Lord British at Spaceship Arcade Studios & abroad...

*‘The March Of The Prince’ was produced by DJ Shanty
**'Giger' & 'Wet Stunts' Co-produced by DJ Shanty
All Cuts By DJ Shanty

Mark Dago likes Shure SM58 Microphones, The Roland Space Echo RE-20 and RPG’s

Lord British likes Rock, Roll and Shmups

DJ Shanty likes Korg Keyboards, Canon Cameras and Hack N Slash

Press Inquiries & booking info:
twitter: @markdago
PO Box 3962
SLC, UTAH 84120

Rest 30 Records


released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Mark Dago Salt Lake City


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Track Name: Quit
I've had it
You can quit
Say anything
Get stupid
Don't know anything
Get stupid
I've had it
You can quit

System up
Phonic smut
In the cut
Outta line
Lost my mind
Not this rhyme
Let me down
Come on now
Not a sound
'Less it's loud
Go higher
Eye on the prize
Rise above
I'm tired of
I've become
The likes of
Everything I say
Everything I see
Mind Awake
Never Sleep

Be damned
Unseen hand
No mans land
Modern man
With the unclean hands
Fight to an end
Cram to understand
A vision
Of your best self
Even better
Like nothing else
Better than
Existing on a shelf
One you can make
Don't need nobodies help
Gotta be a way to get through
Tell me that you see this too
Got better things to do
Than to
Listen listen listen
To you like...
Track Name: The March Of The Prince
This is what I want you all to do for me

This is what I want you all to do for me

This is what I want you all to do for me

This is what I want you all to do for me

Write the songs

Hit the streets


Break me in all the best ways

And all the masks and capes

All of them sizes and shapes

They all love and they hate

Your Royal Highness

Rebel without a bias

Music inspires riots

Punch the air in triumph

Not quite my tempo hey yo

Not that I'm saying retro

More like roundpegs in roundholes

Kick out all them pedestals

Put you up on that highground

With no room to move around

Trapped into that mode and sound

Where a way out can't be found

Should have said it and forgot

Felt it was important, not

Say again an afterthought

Fast forward into facades

Tell the sheep what to like

Tastemakers on what to try

Made to please take a bite

Chip away at cracks in ice

Go flee that Animal Farm

If you're not sure where to start

What were doing who we are

What we became from the heart

New faces look like old ones

Hard won wisdom left it open

Old trademarks left it broken

In my hand this mic I'm holding
Track Name: Giger

We begin again
Stereogram sketched vintage
Ink spilled against it
Fistful of demons
Enormous uneven
Cuts deep the reason
Like under the skin deepen
Feel the eyes crawl
Necronom y’all
Singular call
Nightmares and all
Lovecraft made flesh
Dreamscape boxset
Genre define fresh
Astonish aesthetic
The Best Its
It’s an elegant renegade
Running razorblades
Nihilistic as nature plays
Haunts my identity
Dark dreams they do invade
Goes deep into the bone
To the code to disobey

A who’s who of who’s you
A who’s who of who’s you
A who’s who of who’s you
A who’s who of who’s you


Echoes that enhance
Screams fill in solitude
Kin of the creature
Doesn’t play by any rules
A certain kind of beauty
Blaster overshoot
Work through the horrible
Horrors all of you
Strung out spectre
Shape shifting evil
Those reactions
Said to be real people
Turnt to eleven
To emulate no equal
Everything about it
Will kill you straight lethal
Every escape route
Defense is useless
Know the pacing
Play with it movement
Know what it takes
Take it get moving
Make the wrong move
Tighten the hangmans noose slip
Fits of hysteria
Splendid savage
Hide in the shadows
Biomech passage
Blood burns based
Darkseed acid
Imagination alive
To run the planet

A who’s who of who’s you
A who’s who of who’s you
A who’s who of who’s you
A who’s who of who’s you

Doesn’t play by any rules

Doesn’t play by any rules

Doesn’t play by any rules

Doesn’t play by any rules

Doesn’t play by any rules

Doesn’t play by any rules
Track Name: Wet Stunts

Time for some action
These so called combatants
Blood and guts Patton
Shanty be crabbin’
Deep water fountain
Sleep with the fishes
Ya think it can’t happen
Let them fight on
Speak with your hands
Hit like a Jaeger python
Right on side arm
Gypsy Danger Icon
Brawl out bygone
All out mic on
Tango thriller
Techniques iller than most
Chrome brutus killer
Hail to the victor
Press ya hair trigger
The push and pull
The crossfade drifter
Hyperion spit kicker
A real driller
Don’t get it
Don’t let it vick ya
Down to the grave digger
Watch for the hook
Don’t let it hitcha
Sucker punch
Time for the wet stunts


Mic check one two
Styles I run through
Catch on catch up
Standalone gum shoe
Dotcom badness
Shine all access
Dark mark on my foes
Logo on the masthead
Bboy apostle
Archetype colossal
Aperture awful
Mechanized hostile
Cold crush brothers
It gets no rougher
Blow ya whole cover
On some old other like

My name is Mark
And I’m here to say
I rock on the beats
In a major way
Lord British
On the flute loops
No delay
Shanty calculate

Strictly true school
What you expect
Fear of a Terrordome
In full effect
Blowin’ up the spot
Crosshairs the silhouette
Lock stock smokin’ barrel
Pop rock intercept
When you see me
Clear out your mind
Hear it
Power up co-pilot
Divine lyrics
Guardian of the grind
Never no time
To front (front)
Time for the wet stunts